The BONDS project (Build Opportunities for Nourishment by Doing Sports) aims to foster active citizenship through encouragement of participation in collective sports, physical activity and volunteering activity among citizens of all ages in all sort of environments, in order to raise awareness about fair-play, respect for others, solidarity, active citizenship, and nourishment for health. 

 - The before-event survey: 

This questionnaire aims to identify rate participating in leisure-time physical activity, patterns in the daily physical activity of the respondents, and nourishment information, in order to improve their knowledge on health, culture, and active citizenship.

 - The post-event survey:

This questionnaire aims to identify the feedback on the projects' activities. This survey is conducted after the implementation of the sport and physical activities developed through the BONDS project. The main targeted respondents are the persons who have attended to the project activities. 

 - Final study on sport and physical activity