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We look forward to have fun thorugh sport and physical activities in the European project “Build Opportunities for Nourishments by Doing Sports”

The general objective of BONDS project is to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all. In this sense, the project aims to foster active citizenship together with social inclusion and equality through sport and physical activities for creating a healthy lifestyle in according to European strategic documents.

The project is implemented by the non-governmental associations Se Poate (Romania), A.S.D. Margherita Sport e Vita (Italy), Lietuvos Sporto Universitetas (Lithuania) and Trend-Prima (Slovenia) through the Erasmus+ Sport program. All the partners from Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia will present different types of games through which sport games and movement are combined with fun.

The project addresses to all people who want to move and do physical activities in open air and beyond,