The purpose of the Guide of Good Practices is to bring closer cultures, openness and willingness for sport.

The guide of good practices will present a summary of the sport events which took place in 4 countries: Romania, Italy, Lithuania and Slovenia and recommendations regarding the best ways to introduce sports in daily life.

We wanted to highlight the fact that everybody, regardless of age, shape, size and ability needs to become more active every day.

Being active every day can be achieved by making activity part of our daily lives: taking the opportunity for short trips on foot, by bicycle, as well as doing whatever exercise, dance, leisure or sport we enjoy to reach the government recommendations.

In the early years of life, active play is a fundamental part of physical, social and emotional development. As children grow, being active builds the foundation for an active life.

It is also presenting 5 different categories of coaching trainings developed by Lithuanian Sports University : partner exercises, circuit training, ball exercises, instant activity, coordination – agility.

We want to inspire a new way in perceiving sports through walking tours. We published in our guide of good practices possible walking tours/biking tours of the city proposals for tourism. Walking tours will become common practices for people participating in exchanges with the participating NGO’s.