Sets: 2-3 Reps: 30 sec each

Have your partner stand with legs hips-width apart and knees soft while you lie face-up on the floor with your head near his toes. Hold his ankles for support as you raise both legs straight up, keeping your knees locked and lower back pressed against the floor. Have your partner engage his core and push your feet away from him as you engage your core to prevent your heels from hitting the ground. Bring your legs right back up to complete one rep.

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Lithuanian Sports University

Lithuanian Sports University

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  • Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) starting its tradition from 1934 is known as a leading academic and research center in sports science in the Baltic Sea region. The LSU offers 19 degree study programmes at all three study cycles (8 undergraduate, 9 Master’s and 2 PhD), mainly in sport science, where studies, research and practice are...