Reaction Ball Fight

Sets: 2 Reps: 3-5

This drill add to your vocabulary of movement, much the way ladder drills do. In this game to compete two players. We make a square on the floor. With this drill one player start with one bounce and other player catch the ball. If player don?t catch the ball he loses the point. The players alternate with the reaction ball. The winner of the game is the player who has more to catch the reaction ball (play until five mistakes). Rest: 45-60 seconds between sets.

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Lithuanian Sports University

Lithuanian Sports University

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  • Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) starting its tradition from 1934 is known as a leading academic and research center in sports science in the Baltic Sea region. The LSU offers 19 degree study programmes at all three study cycles (8 undergraduate, 9 Master’s and 2 PhD), mainly in sport science, where studies, research and practice are...