The objectives of the project:

The general objective of BONDS project is to promote voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all. In this sense, the project aims to foster active citizenship together with social inclusion and equality through sport and physical activities for creating a healthy lifestyle in according to European strategic documents. 

To achieve these general objectives of the project the created partnership between Romania, Italy, Slovenia and Lithuania will generate several sport and physical activity events along with sport coaching during the 12 months of the implementation of the project.

The main objectives of the project based on the needs analyses resumed before are described below:

- organizing 3 sports events (4 days each) for all (persons interested in physical activities and sport, decision makers, other people that will learn about the campaign or read the guide of good practices or visit the photo exposition) for good practice exchange to replicate them on a larger scale in the applicant country, Bucharest, Romania; 

- encourage the participation in sport for people living in Bucharest through the preparation and implementation of a 6 day sport event that brings together 42 participants from at least 4 member countries plus volunteers;

- encourage physical activity by all means through the diversity of sport activities planned for the sport event: walking, cycling, running, indoor sports in mall. 

- organising a photo exposition with photos from the organized walking tours in each country from the partnership, according to the time frame stipulated in the communication plan and the dissemination plan; 

- organising 2 seminars during the Romanian sport event with performance Romanian athletes related to the importance of sport in life;

- gathering event information and conclusions plus recommendations regarding including the sport activity into daily life and walking tours in a guide of good practices that will be translated in the 4 languages of the partners, plus English, that will be available on the website of the organizations and of the e-learning platform.

- dissemination of the project results and the achieved materials on the e-learning platform created for the project as well as for future events on Sport at EU level.


The expected results:

• 1 dissemination plan;

• 1 communication plan;

• 1 events plan; 

• 1 template for pre-sport event questionnaire;

• 1 template for the follow-up / evaluation form of the events;

• 1 project website and 1 e-learning platform on sport and physical activities;

• 15 Online Trainings of sport coaching from the Lithuanian partner;

• 4 physical activity and sport events, one in each partner country: Romania, Lithuania, Italy and Slovenia;

• 2 seminars during the Romanian sport event with performance Romanian athletes related to the importance of sport in life;

• 1 guide of good practice;

• 1 photo exposition;

• 1 final report;

• 1 newsletter with the main results of the project and the guide of good practice sent to the decision makers in sport, press, professional athletes, and others.


The target group: 

The target group considered as directly beneficiary of the project represents all the persons interested in daily physical activity as well as in improving their knowledge on health and culture. More specifically, the following three categories: Target group no. 1 (TG1) – project team and volunteers; Target group no. 2 (TG2) – possible participants in the project of 4 different nationalities; Target group no 3 (TG3) – participants outside the organizations involved in the partnership, decision makers in the field and other external stakeholders.