Sport Activity Margherita di Savoia

Activity 3.2. Physical and sport event in Italy 09-12 June 2018

This is the map of the place of participation of the "Rural and Traditional Games"; MSV wanted to support the importance of Sport in the relationship between civil society and traditional and rural sports. The choice was made to promote outdoor sports activities by trying to rediscover the values and traditions of the past to deliver a historical memory to the children and to evaluate the importance of Sport through meetings between athletes/kids,teachers, parents and Sport Coaches. as a social vehicle and an instrument of growth between the different generations, therefore an increase and strengthening of the family principle and a better lifestyle within it. An important role was given to food, where at certain times of the day, snacks consisted of natural foods such as bread, vegetables and fruit, a reminder of the type of snack of the past.

Participation also by the Mayor of the City Hall who explained the importance of civic education and the social respect of Sport within a community; signs will be made at the entrance to the City with the words: SLOW DOWN children in recreational-motor activities.



1° Day - Meeting of the project team from Italia at 10.00 am in Margherita de Savoia at the MSV office


08,30 : Presentation of kids/athletes with large participation of all classrooms.

09,00 : Start Sport activities

Mameli's Italian anthem with dance the theme song of the event the classes will be divided into 8 positions, one for each class. Every 20 minutes the classes rotated the game positions. Each game will be presented through a billboard in the area of implementation.

10,30 : Sport Snacks( Bread, Salt and fresh tomatoes)

10,45 : Construction technique of a small wooden wheelchair

11,30 : Start Sport activities – 2° Turn

12,30 : End of programme


10,30 : Ceremony for ending event and drafting of future plans on photo walking tours on a stadium in Bucharest. Conducting the survey to the participants by applying and completing the questionnaires. Debating the activities done during this event. Sharing final dissemination materials, questionnaires and photos.



Sport Traditional and Rural Games implemented:

- Elastic game

- Bell game

- Game of the Passetto

- Carriage Wheel Play

- Mace and Circle game

- Easel Game

- Game of the 4 Cantons

- Game of Salt with the Rope


Total participants: 160 Kids/Athelets