Machine Gun Passing

Duration: 2 min

If you have players that have been dropping passes or if you just want to improve your passing and catching, this drill is perfect. It is great for improving hand-eye coordination (catching & passing). This drill duration for one player 20 sec. PROCESS: 1. Form a line of 3 people next to each other. 2. They should be about 4 to 5 feet apart. 3. Have a 4th player stand about 12 to 15 ft away facing the other 3 players. 4. Player 4 starts out with a ball & player 1 also has a ball. 5. Player 4 passes the ball to player 3. 6. After Player 4 has released the ball, player 1 passes the ball to player 4. 7. Player 4 then passes the ball to player 2, and simultaneously, player 3 passes it to player 4. 8. Then Player 4 passes the ball to player 1. Simultaneously, player 2 passes the ball to Player 4. 9. Then return to the position you were in step. 10. Repeat the process over and over.

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Lithuanian Sports University

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