Form Shooting

Duration: 5 min

This drill will improve shooting form and develop good shooting habits so once players get in a game, they will consistently use proper form without thinking about it. For the First time around, you?ll need to demonstrate proper technique to all your players: 1. Eyes on Target 2. Stance and Balance 3. Shot Pocket 4. Grip 5. Balance Hand 6. Delivery 7. Upforce and Landing 8. Follow Through 9. Correct Shot

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Lithuanian Sports University

Lithuanian Sports University

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  • Lithuanian Sports University (LSU) starting its tradition from 1934 is known as a leading academic and research center in sports science in the Baltic Sea region. The LSU offers 19 degree study programmes at all three study cycles (8 undergraduate, 9 Master’s and 2 PhD), mainly in sport science, where studies, research and practice are...