Coordinator - Asociatia Se Poate

Asociatia « Se Poate » from Romania,

 translated in English as "It's possible", is a Romanian NGO made by young people for young people. The organization gathers volunteers and members from different parts of the country, mainly from Bucharest. Asociatia Se Poate’s first and main aim is to help the development and the promotion of intercultural exchanges among the young category of citizens, by helping them get in touch with people from all countries, particularly from the European Union. 

The main mission of the association is to open up new paths and possibilities for young people, always making a strong effort to contribute to the construction and development of the European identity and active citizenship.


Culture, international learning, self-development represents the most significant and strategically important ways through which the young people can develop and thus form themselves, both physically, as well as mentally. This is why the organization has dedicated time and support promoting international cooperation and, therefore, supporting intercultural changes between people of young ages, managing to create relationships, perhaps even bonds, between countries, communities and between people of these countries. 


Asociatia Se Poate developed, until now, conferences in Bucharest and supported social, cultural and sport activities. The topics of the projects we are organizing are on different topics such as employability, communication skills, active citizenship, youth support, creativity, sustainability, environment protection, sport, outdoor activities and cultural learning and exchange. 

Our activities and projects are always focused on areas related to European values and interests such as human rights, social inclusion, peacebuilding, conflict resolutions, social minorities, youth employability, entrepreneurship, etc.


Since 2014, Se Poate Association has successfully prepared, organized and implemented 6 youth exchanges, 1 Erasmus+ Sport project, 3 national projects about sustainability and the protection of the environment and several local initiatives. 


Some of our projects:

1.  Eco Rural Volunteering 

- Encourage the good understanding of 46 youngsters from 6 countries on environmental problems and rural development, and the way these are viewed in Europe, at this time; 

- To reflect upon the necessity of adopting an Eco attitude by all individuals, institutions and European nations, by organising photo exhibitions in every partner country, after the project, with the selected pictures, from the photo voice activity, that all the participants took during the project 


2. Public Policies for young people: FROM KNOWLEDGE TO INVOLVEMENT; 

- Raising the level of competences in the fieled of public policies for the 36 participants following the 10 days of project ;

- Encouraging an attitude of involvement and responsibility in NGO specific activities and projects concerning improvement of public policies for employment - Facilitating the experience exchange between beneficiaries on the specific of each participant state.


The „SE POATE” Association has organized a conference in Bucharest whose main objective was to attract young people to the world of sports. Making sports is a must for everybody, in such a way that it should not be missed from our daily activities. 


Our Objectives:

- Organizing sports events, seminars, debates in order to satisfy the people expectations, both in country and abroad, aimed at exposing Romanian sporting values

- Promoting collaboration between the Romanian athletes and non-profit organizations active in the field of culture, sports, education with similar foreign entities- developing a community of active sport individuals that share life changing stories.


Our members have experience and competences in different fields as interculturality, sport, unemployment, human rights, sustainable development, youth, strategic & conflict management, human resources, education. They are also experienced in working in an intercultural environment with foreign partners and in project management, project coordination, event management and human resources considering the project they had developed and implemented themselves.