Partner - Asd Margherita Sport e Vita Basket

MSV Basket - Asd Margherita Sport e Vita Basket from Italy

MSV Basket was established in 2007 and since then it has increased the number of associated athletes to 90 members, with a yearly average of about 30% in the increase of the number of new members. Today we have 90 members and two instructors, we mainly work in the Gym of the Middle School "G. Pascoli" and Palasport "S.Pertini" in Trinitapoli City (3 Km far from Margherita di Savoia).


The MSV Basketball carries out active courses each year to promote the discipline of Basketball, meeting the needs of children and young athletes over the years, participating in the Italian Basketball Federation championships organized locally, regionally, and nationally. MSV Basketball has seen the first results during various sports tournaments, and today athletes born in 1998 until 2010 were promoted as provincial and regional representatives in their respective categories. Among these, some MSV athletes participated in first category championship national clubs. All MSV coaches have own licenses.



MSV has been engaged in a project supporting social integration of all citizens (youth and Senior) including marginalized, disadvantaged persons, people with disabilities and immigrants. Through trainings, workshops and seminars the organization has reached out to vulnerable social groups and communities including school children and youth activating them to take part in sports activities outdoor. Our activities have helped to reduce the social inequalities and have supported the integration of all participants in social groups. MSV has linked schools with sports organization and has involved local decision makers such as local departments of Municipalities, Regional Government Institutions in promoting and sustaining sports activities.