Partner - Trend Prima

TREND-PRIMA, Institute for research and development of knowledge from Slovenia

Institute TREND-PRIMA Maribor is a non-profit NGO organization for research and development of knowledge, established in 2014. It is experienced in projects in the frame of the Lifelong Learning Programmes, the European Territorial Cooperation Programmes and other European centralised programmes in the field of education and training, sport, individual mobility and international partnerships between different organizations with the purpose of modernization and cooperation between education sphere, social institutions and labor market to support vulnerable groups (disabled, young persons with learning difficulties, minorities, women) in the fight for their rights and better life.


It’s main activities are listed below:

A) Research and development:

B) Education and consulting:

C) Sport activities


In 2016, they implemented a collaborative partnership project in Sport consisted in combining group exercises indoor and outdoor for and the integration of innovative ICT tools through connected equipment and devices. The project title is: Never too Late to Get Fit!. The project aimed to increase the level of physical activity of people aged 50+ and promoted the popularization of grassroots sport and physical activity of all citizens offering them equal opportunities.